• Invasion of Harper’s Ferry– dangers and duties of the South

    by Clement Claiborne Clay, William McKendree Gwin, • 1859

  • The Capture of Harper’s Ferry

    by Austin A. Jones, Mrs. A. J. Ellis, • 1922

    A first hand account a North Carolina Soldier of the capture of Harpers Ferry by Stonewall Jackson. The transcriber notes that history books and “the boys […]

  • John Brown Speaks: Letters and Statements from Charlestown

    by Louis DeCaro, Jr., • 2015

    This collection of writings by John Brown in the fateful days after his raid on Harper’s Ferry showcase the depth of conviction of Brown’s character. Paired […]

  • West Virginia and the Civil War: Mountaineers Are Always Free (Civil War Series)

    by Mark A. Snell, • 2011

    The only state born as a result of the Civil War, West Virginia was the most divided state in the nation. About forty thousand of its […]

  • 99 Historic Images of Harpers Ferry

    by John J. Richter, Garry E. Adelman, • 2007

  • Military Operations in Jefferson County (Virginia & West Virginia) 1861-1865 (Containing Eyewitness Accounts of Civil War Skirmishes in the Lower Shenandoah Valley)

    by Charles S. Aadams, • 1999

    An update of the 1996 edition of military operations in the lower Shenandoah Valley, the book offers brief, often eyewitness accounts of the skirmishes in the […]

  • The Life, trial, and execution of Captain John Brown, known as “Old Brown of Ossawatomie,” with a full account of the attempted insurrection at Harper’s Ferry

    by Robert M. Dewitt, • 1859

    The life, trial and execution of Captain John Brown: Capt. John Brown ; His personal appearance ; John Brown’s business engagements ; John Brown as a […]

  • Harpers Ferry Under Fire: A Border Town in the American Civil War

    by Dennis E. Frye, • 2012

    Harpers Ferry experienced the Civil War like no other place and was a case study of repeated invasions, military operations, martial law, and endless danger. Journey […]

  • Thunder at Harper’s Ferry

    by Allan Keller, • 1958

  • The ‘Colored Hero’ of Harper’s Ferry: John Anthony Copeland and the War against Slavery

    by Steven Lubet, • 2015

    On the night of Sunday, October 16, 1859, hoping to bring about the eventual end of slavery, radical abolitionist John Brown launched an armed attack at […]