• Emigrants and Exiles

    by Kerby A. Miller, • 1988

    Rich in human detail, penetrating in analysis, this book is social history on an epic scale. The first “transatlantic” history of the Irish, Emigrants and Exiles offers the […]

  • Harpers Ferry Floods

    by Quinith Janssen, • 1985

  • The Making of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park: A Devil, Two Rivers, and a Dream (American Association for State and Local History)

    by Teresa S. Moyer, Paul A. Shackel, • 2007

    Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is most widely known today for the attempted slave revolt led by John Brown in 1859, the nucleus for the interpretation […]

  • Two hundred years’ history of Shepherdstown

    by Clifford S Musser, • 1931

  • Historic Shepherdstown

    by Danske Dandridge, • 1910

  • Shepherdstown (West Virginia): An American Treasure

    by Martin Conway, • 1991

  • A History of Jefferson County, West Virginia [1719-1940]

    by Millard Kessler Bushong, • 2008

    The author turned his passion for his native county into a dissertation for his doctorate and then into this book. Although the county was not formed […]