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How To Use This Site

And Where to Start

The Welsh of Harpers Ferry is a cross-referenced collection of genealogical and historical research and evidence from which our conclusions have been made.

NOTE: As this website is in it's beginning stages, not all of our research has been uploaded. While we have been working on this project daily, our years of research must be uploaded one piece at a time, which makes the undertaking time-consuming. If you are looking for something in particular, we may have it in queue, please let us know!

For convienance and ease of access, we have divided our website into three major sections to allow you to more easily find what you are looking for. A short discussion of the holdings of each of these sections is listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the best way to determine if I am related to the Welsh of Harpers Ferry family or any related families?

Currently, the best way to determine if you are related is either by contacting us or searching through our evidence section for common names. We have a feature currently in the works to make this process easier.

NOT YET AVAILABLE: We have created a "tree by surname" tool on our Are We Related? page. The tool allows you to select a surname that you believe you may be related through and view the corresponding family tree. This feature also allows you to view unrelated lines which we have compiled for various reasons. Unrelated lines are noted in the tool, with reasoning for compilation.

2What locations, other than Harpers Ferry, are discussed in your research?

The best way to see what locations are discussed is to visit our locations index. Notice that the index can either be sorted alphabetically or by states and counties by a click of the button in the upper right hand corner.

This index compiles content from all three sections of the website, including stories, people and evidence.

3Hi cousin, I think we may be related.

Hi there! We'd love to chat with you. Head on over to our contact page and let us know. We are more than happy to compare notes, collaborate, and share with you what we know!

We also run a Facebook Group for descendants and area researchers to connect with The Welsh family of Harpers Ferry and related lines.

4Can I use your research for my project on ______ ?
You likely can. We have laid out our thoughts on sharing our research within the historical and genealogical community on No, We Do Not Own Our Ancestors.
5What surnames, other than Welsh, are you currently researching?

For a listing of surnames that are discussed on the website, you can take a look at our surname index. This listing lists all of the surnames of the people section of our website. To see a listing of surnames that we have evidence for, visit our evidence section and click on "surnames" beside "Filter By:".

Currently, we are very actively researching the Welsh/Walsh and Flanagan surnames, although we are, of course, still very interested in other connecting surnames.


Visit our Research Page

Our research page is our landing page for all of the resources on The Welsh of Harpers Ferry. This page is divided into two sections: General Resources, and Family Resources.

General Resources
are any resources applicable to historical and genealogical research, not specific to any family.
Family Resources
are any resources specific to the Welsh family of Harpers Ferry and connected families.

Basic Searching

An easy-access search is always available by clicking the search icon in the navigation menu to the left.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search allows you to more easily narrow in on what you are looking for. The form allows you to narrow your search by content type, names and surnames, and more.