Selected Papers of John McElroy, S.J.
John McElroy, 1829
John McElroy, SJ was born in Ireland in 1782, and came to the United States in 1803. Fr. McElroy entered Georgetown College in 1806, the same year in which he joined the Society of Jesus as […]
The History of Education in West Virginia
State Superintendent of Schools, 1907
Historic Springs of the Virginias: A Pictorial History
Stan Cohen, 1981
Common Labor: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals, 1780-1860
Peter Way, 1997
Canal construction played a significant role in the rise of industrial America opening up new markets, employing an army of workers, and initiating the ties between capital and government that remain important to this day. The […]
Emigrants and Exiles
Kerby A. Miller, 1988
Rich in human detail, penetrating in analysis, this book is social history on an epic scale. The first “transatlantic” history of the Irish, Emigrants and Exiles offers the fullest account yet of the diverse waves of Irish emigration […]
Lockhouse 44 Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park Historic Furnishing Report
Mary Grassick, 2010
Historic Structure Report, The Lockhouses, Historical Data, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park
Harlan D. Unrau, 1978
Historic Resource Study: Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
Harlan D. Unrau, 2007
Farming Along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, 1827-1971
Peter Carpenter Wheelock, 2007
The Composite Locks Historic Structure Report
Edwin C. Bearss, 1968
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: The Canal Prism, Historic Structure Report
Harlan D. Unrau, 1974
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: The Culverts: Historic Structure Report Historical Data
Harlan D. Unrau, 1976
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Report
Bureau of Public Roads, National Park Service, 1950
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal: The Bridges
Edwin C. Bearss, 1968
A Study of the History of the Potomac River Valley
Walter S. Sanderlin, 1967
C & O Canal: The Making of a Park
Barry Mackintosh, 1991
“We Are Again In The Midst of Trouble” Flooding on the Potomac River and the Struggle for the Sustainability of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, 1828-1996
Donald R. Shaffer, 1997
The Lockwood House, Birthplace of Storer College, Furnishings Study, Historical Data Section
Anna Coxe Toogood, 1969