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General research and reporting.


History from the eyes of our ancestors.


Traditional research reports in collaboration with others.


A chronological listing of historical events which may have affected the lives of residents in eastern Jefferson County and surrounding areas.


A database of historical family and area photographs.


Collections of articles where we narrow in on a specific topic such as Olde Bakerton and Canawlers & Seemingly Incurable Misery.

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A listing of Welsh of Harpers Ferry databases and guidance to help you effectively use our resources.

Research Guides

Guides to help you begin your research in a new area, location, or topic.


A cross-referenced, searchable database of transcribed historical accounts and records. 


A database of books and published materials of interest to the eastern portion of Jefferson County, WV and its industries.


A database of maps relevant to the eastern portion of Jefferson County, WV and other Welsh of Harpers Ferry family locations.

Business & Advertising Database

A database of various historical industries and businesses and their operation dates which residents and industry of the eastern portion of Jefferson County, WV would have patronized.


A number of indexes to help you effectively browse our resources, including surnames, locations, topics, people, and more.

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The people of the Welsh of Harpers Ferry and related families.

Family Tree

A traditional view of relationships between family members.

Unrelated Genealogical Research

Research on individuals and families who are not directly or indirectly related to the Welsh of Harpers Ferry.

The Unidentified

Photographs of those who remain unidentified.

The Elusive

A short listing of those who we are actively attempting, and struggling, to trace.

Case Studies

Follow along as we discover the Welsh family and the Harpers Ferry area.