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Connect with other researchers researching the Welsh of Harpers Ferry and other families and topics related to the Eastern portion of Jefferson County, WV and surrounding areas.
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We research better together. Adding your information to our "Connect" page allows other researchers with similar research interests to contact you, opening the door for conversation, collaborations, and sharing research.


We accept "connect" submissions from researchers researching families or topics related to the eastern portion of Jefferson County, West Virginia and surrounding areas.


Please be sure to include all of your research interests regarding the Eastern portion of Jefferson County, WV and surrounding areas. For example, perhaps you are interested in the surnames "Murphy, Slavin, and Tearney" and also have railroad and agricultural interests.


If you have a website or blog for your area genealogy or historical research, we are happy to link to it to help others find your research. We would appreciate, but do not require, a link back to the Welsh of Harpers Ferry.

Please note that anything you submit through this form will be publicly available on this page. If you would like us to keep in touch but would not like your information posted here, please contact us instead. 

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