The Elusive

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Can you find the elusive?

Every family history is full of mystery. Below are the stories and people we are struggling to discover. Can you add to their tales?


Martin Walsh (~1811 – 1855)

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Patrick Walsh (~1820 – ?)

Patrick Walsh, the son of Patrick and Honora Walsh, only discovered record is the 1850 census. He is recorded in his brother's, Martin's, household in the Harpers Ferry District, likely near Oak Grove (present day Bakerton). No other information has been discovered about Patrick to date.

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James Walsh (~1827 – 1871)

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Martha Smith Flanagan (~1791 – 1870)

We know little about Martha.

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Honora Walsh (~1790 – ?)

Little is known about Honora -- the only uncovered record of her existence in the United States is her listing in the 1850 census, where she lived in her oldest son's household along with her other sons, her nephew, and a possible niece and nephew. From this census, we glean that she was born sometime around 1790 in Ireland. Honora may have been enumerated in the 1840 census as "Anna". Although this is highly likely, it is a fact that is hard to prove or disprove. Honora is unaccounted for in the 1860 census and thereafter, leaving us to believe that she probably died sometime between the years 1850-1860. Honora and her husband Patrick are named as parents on their son's, James', death certificate -- their youngest son Thomas is listed as the informant. Buchanan may be a possible maiden name for Honora.

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