EvidenceCollection: The Shepherdstown Register

July 7, 1877

The Boatmen’s Strike

The blockade of boats belonging to the striking canalmen has put a stop to all travel on the Chesapeake and Ohio canal. There is a squadron of about forty boats used for blockading purposes, and so […]
July 7, 1877

The Friday Murder Mystery

THE HEARING AT HAGERSTOWN– DETAILS OF THE CRIME, ETC.[Reported for the Baltimore Sun.] HAGERSTOWN, MD., June 27, 1877.– James Gardner and J. W. Grove, who are in the county jail at this place on suspicion of […]
January 30, 1902

Letter From Captain Kearney.

Letter From Captain Kearney.Alexandria, Va.Jan. 27, 1902. DEAR REGISTER– While you are always a welcome visitor at our home, you often bring me sadness. I was very sorry to hear of the death of comrade J. […]
January 23, 1913

Hunter, Appreciative Readers

The Register acknowledges most cordial messages and good wishes from its friends and appreciative readers, Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter, of Toronto, Iowa.
November 7, 1907

An Honorable Roll (Company F, First VA Cavalry)

An Honorable Roll. Robert L. Billmyer, of this vicinity, has handed us the following list of the surviving members of Company F, First Virginia Cavalry, commanded by the late Captain M. J. Billmyer, and we print […]
March 4, 1897

Flooding and Drift

A drowned horse is one of the objects in a big pile of drift below the cement mill. It came down in the flood last week. Its halter was still fastened to what was evidently a […]
July 19, 1894

Caton/Staley Surprise Wedding

There was another wedding surprise on Saturday evening, when Mr. Walter Caton and Miss Carrie B. Staley called at the Southern Methodist parsonage and were married by Rev. F. A. Strother. Both are from the same […]
August 23, 1856

County Court; Hearing for Burke (Engle) and Examining Court Waived For Boyer (Flanagan)

COUNTY COURT.– Redman Burke, who stabbed Phillip Engle, of Harper’s Ferry, on the 4th of July last, had a hearing on Monday and Tuesday last, before an Examining Court. He was remanded to jail to undergo […]
October 13, 1910

Marriage of John Flanagan & Ruth Moler

Mr. John G. Flanagan, Jr., and Miss Ruth E. Moler, both of Bakerton, this county, were married in Hagerstown yesterday by Rev. R. L. Wright at the Methodist parsonage.
December 2, 1909

Death: Frank Winks

Frank Wins, formerly of Dargan, died in Chicago, aged 39 years. His remains were brought here and interred in Mountain View Cemetery Tuesday, after services in the Lutheran Church.
July 24, 1885

Marriage: Engle & Longerbeam

In Charlestown, July 16th, 1885, by Rev. Dr. A. C. Hopkins, Mr. CHAS. ENGLE to Miss REBECCA ELIZABETH LONGERBEAM– both of this county.
August 9, 1917

Obit: Mrs. Mary C. Licklider

Mrs. Mary C. Licklider, for many years a greatly esteemed resident of this neighborhood, died last Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kephart, near Duffields, following an illness of a couple of weeks […]
September 27, 1900

Obit: Mrs. Martha J. Moler

It is with much regret that we record the death of Mrs. Martha J. Moler, the beloved wife of Mr. Jacob S. Moler, which occurred at her home near Bakerton last Sunday morning. Mrs. Moler had […]
August 8, 1918

Flanagan, Myers; Approaching Marriage Announced

Mr. and Mrs. William Bowman announce the approaching marriage of their sister, Miss Martha Lee Flanagan, of Bakerton, to Mr. James M. Myers, of Shepherdstown. The marriage will take place at Bakerton August 27th.
August 1, 1895

They Rest From Their Labors; Death of Many Aged Citizens

THEY REST FROM THEIR LABORS.Our Aged Citizens Passing Away– The Death Record of the Week. Mr. George W. Moler died at his home near Moler’s Cross Roads, in this county, last Friday afternoon. He had been […]
February 5, 1903

Mary Engle & Frederick Moler, Married

Miss Mary Engle and Mr. Frederick Moler, both of this county, were married Wednesday evening of last week at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. William Engle, near Keller. The ceremony was performed by Rev. […]
May 31, 1900

Obit: Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd

Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd, wife of Albin Lloyd, a well known farmer in the Wickliffe neighborhood, died last Thursday at the home of her husband. She was a daughter of Mr. Steven Shull, and was 35 years […]
January 7, 1904

Obit: Dennis M. Daniels

Mr. Dennis M. Daniels died suddenly at his home in Frederick, Md, on Sunday morning, December 27, 1903. He arose in his usual bright spirits, and had been chatting with the members of his family for […]