EvidenceCollection: Evening Star

April 12, 1935

Bi-County Industrial League Forms

NEW MARYLAND LOOP.MARTINSBURG, W. Va., April 12. — The Bi-County Industrial League, a new organization, will start play in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties May 4. The circuit includes five clubs, Martinsburg, Millville, Bakerton, Blairton, and Berkeley.
May 31, 1934

Hold Up May Link with Fatal Crash (Duke Dec.)

HOLD-UP MAY LINK WITH FATAL CRASHHit-and-Run Death of J. C. Duke Leads Police to Investigate. By a Staff Correspondent of The Star.PRIEST BRIDGE, Md., May 31. — With two colored men under arrest in Annapolis as […]
July 11, 1929

Horses Die In Washington Lime Stable Fire

Horses Die in Stable FireBAKERTON, W. Va., June 11 (Special).– Fire of undetermined origin early this morning destroyed the stable at the Washington Building Lime and Stone Co. plant here. Four horses, three mules and a […]
January 26, 1930

Marriage: Emmart & Welsh

Marriage Licenses.[…]George W. Emmart, 56, Stausburg, Va., and Pearle V. Welsh, 33, Bakerton, W. Va.; Rev. Samuel E. Rose.
October 5, 1930

B&O Expected Bids On Harpers Ferry Bridge

NEW POTOMAC BRIDGE CONTRACT DUE SOONB. & O. Expected to Ask for Bids on Span at Harpers Ferry Within Week. Special Dispatch to The Star.CHARLES TOWN, W. Va., October 4. — Unofficial but apparently authritative information […]
April 21, 1932

Only Jackson Brigade Survivor Reaches 90

Only Jackson Brigade Survivor Reaches 90Shepherdstown, W. Va., Man’s Birthday Is Celebrated By S. C. V.Special Dispatch to The Star. SHEPHERDSTOWN, W. Va., April 21.– John Allen Link, only surviving veteran of Stonewall Jackson’s brigade in […]
December 13, 1905

Marriage License: Harry Akehurst and Annie Nichols

Marriage Licenses[…] Harry M. Akehurst of Baltimore, Md. and Annie P. Nichols of Bakerton, W. Va..
December 5, 1926

Leaky Boat Drowns Hoffman, Gross. Louden escapes.

LEAKY BOAT DROWNS TWO; THIRD ESCAPES.One-Arm Man Unable to Bail Fast Enough as Oarsman Pulls to Escape Sinking. Special Dispatch to The Star.MARTINSBURG, W. Va., December 4.— Mrs. Mary Gross, 40 years old, of Dargan, Md., […]
April 5, 1923

Foul Play is Suspected: Body Burned In Bakerton Shanty

BURNED TO DEATH; FOUL PLAY IS SEEN.Charred Body of Negro Found in Ashes of Shanty. Special Dispatch to The Star.HAGERSTOWN, Md., April 5.– The burning to death of a negro known as “Babe” Carter in his […]
June 26, 1933

Virginia Plants Busy As Orders Increase

VIRGINIA PLANTS BUSY AS ORDERS INCREASE.Special Dispatch to The Star. WINCHESTER, Va., June 26. — Industrial plants, including stone quarries around Millville and Bakerton, as well as the paper board mill at Halltown, have orders that […]
September 16, 1934

Dinner Party in Honor of Marriage of Miller & Hetzel

Miss Frances Magruder will entertain at a supper party this evening at her home on old Georgetown road, at Alta Vista, Md., in honor of Miss Ray Miller, whose marriage to Mr. Lowell H. Hetzel, of […]
September 30, 1934

Marriage: Ray Miller wed to Lowell H. Hetzel

The Mount Vernon Place M. E. Church South was the scene of a very pretty wedding last evening when Miss Ray Miller, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David N. Miller of Alta Vista, Md., was […]
March 4, 1917

Cornerstone of M. E. Church South Laid at Bakerton

Charles Town, W. Va.– The cornerstone of the new M. E. Church South at Bakerton was laid yesterday. The ceremonies began at 11 o’clock and were under the auspices of the Shenandoah Junction Lodge of Masons. […]
February 16, 1914

Married: Duke & Hendricks

Leslie Daniels Duke and Miss Mabel Neuton Hendricks were married at the manse in Duffield, near Bakerton, W. Va., by the Rev. John C. Siler.
October 9, 1913

Painter, Engle Quarry Empl., Struck by Train

John W. Painter, an employee of the Engle quarries, near Harpers Ferry, was struck by a Baltimore and Ohio train near Bakerton, W. Va. and seriously injured.
May 23, 1912

Married: Walter Manuel & Essie Welsh

Walter Lee Manuel and Miss Essie F. Welch, both of Bakerton, Jefferson county, were married at Charles Town, W. Va., Wednesday, by Rev. J. C. Hawk, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.
December 11, 1909

Died Suddenly: Arthur Moler

Arthur Moler, fifty years old, a boss in the Bakerton quarries, died suddenly at his home, at Bakerton, W. Va. A widow and six children survive him.
September 26, 1909

Capt. Melvin house burned. Joseph Graham, resident.

A house belonging to Capt. J. S. Melvin at Duffields, near Bakerton, W. Va., and occupied by Joseph Graham, was burned with most of its contents.