EvidenceCollection: Times Herald

May 9, 1919

Smith, Killed At Quarries Shortly After Release From German Prison

GOT BY FOE PRISON, KILLED IN ACCIDENT.HAGERSTOWN, Md., May 9. — William M. Smith, recently returned from Germany, where he had been held a prisoner for two years, met an instant death in an accident at […]
June 14, 1930

Electric On Maryland Shore

ELECTRIC LIGHTS DUEHARPERS FERRY, W. Va., June 14. — That section of Maryland, along the Potomac River from Harpers Ferry to Antietam Furnace, above Bakerton, is to have electric lights in the near future.
July 31, 1930

Allen, Crazed by Heat, Drowns After Leap

Man Crazed by Heat Drowns After LeapHARPERS FERRY, W. Va., July 31. — Apparently crazed by the heat, Guy Allen, 25, Bakerton, plunged from a boat into the Potomac River near here. His body was found […]
June 23, 1930

Guy Allen, drowned while bathing.

BATHER IS DROWNED.CHARLES TOWN, W. Va., July 23.– Guy Allen, native of Maryland, but residing at Bakerton, W. Va., for several years, was drowned while bathing in the Shenandoah River at the Virginia ore bank, west […]
March 12, 1934

Former Ball Player Dies After Crash (Brophy)

Former Ball Player Dies After Car CrashMARTINSBURG, W. Va., March 12. — Seriously injured in a motorcycle accident Saturday night, Joe Brophy, of this city, former Blue Ridge and Eastern Shore League ball player, died in […]
September 9, 1927

Frank Kidwiler Killed, Kicked By Horse

Md. Farmer Killed When Kicked By Horse HAGERSTOWN, Md., Sept. 9. Frank Kidwiler, 55, a farmer living near Bakerton, died from injuries received by being kicked in the stomach by a horse yesterday afternoon. He was […]
July 16, 1929

Pig with Six Feet Born near Bakerton

PIG WITH SIX FEET, ALL IN ACTIVE USE, IS BORN IN W. VA.CHARLES TOWN, W. Va., July 16.– Charles Melvin, who farms at the edge of Bakerton, has a pig born with six perfect feet and […]
January 3, 1935

Walter Flanagan, strikes schoolgirl with vehicle.

THERESA CUDDYSCHOOLGIRL told Judge McMahon in Traffic Court how she was struck and injured by an automobile while alighting from a street car. The driver, Walter J. Flanagan, of Bakerton, W. Va., was fined $75. Times […]
April 29, 1930

Houser, 70, to wed Boyd, 30.

West Virginian, 70, To Wed Bride of 30 HARPERS FERRY, W. VA., April 29. — A marriage license was issued in the office of county clerk on Tuesday to George Houser, aged 70, of Bakerton, near […]