EvidenceCollection: Deed

September 3, 1844

Deed: Cook to Flanagan

Deed Book 27. Page 281. Mary Cooke & others ToWm. Flanagan This indenture, made and concluded this 3rd day of September 1844, between Mary C. Cook, John Cook and Phebe, his wife, Jacob Cook, and Catherine, […]
July 21, 1857

Division of Flanagan Lands

Deed Book 36. Page 61. Report of Commission appointed to divide Wm Flanagans land. In the County Court Dec. Term 1855 On motion of James Flanagan, one of the heirs at law of William Flanagin dec’d, […]
September 18, 1852

Release: William Flanagan

Deed Book 32. Page 463. A. Hunter to release Wm. Flanagan Whereas by a deed dated January 12, 1849 William Flanagan of the County of Jefferson conveyed to Andrew Hunter as trustee to secure the payment […]
March 10, 1881

Deed: Flanagans to Ann Walsh

Deed Book I. Page 228. Adam C. Moler and wife and others  To  Ann Welsh This Deed, made this 10th day of March 1881, between Adam C. Moler and Cora V. his wife, John H. Daniels […]
May 12, 1917

Deed: Flanagan Heirs to Maggie V. Flanagan

Deed Book: 115 pg. 208 Martha Flanagan &c., to: Deed of Bargain and Sale. Maggie Welsh. This deed made this 4th day of April, 1917, by and between Martha Flanagan, Annie F. Moler, William C. Bowman, […]
April 21, 1917

Deed: Flanagan Heirs 1 acre to James A. Flanagan

Deed Book: 115 pg. 171 Martha Flanagan et. al. to: Deed of Bargain and Sale, James A. Flanagan. This deed, made this 4th. day of April, 1917, by and between Martha Flanagan, Annie F. Moler, William […]
August 25, 1915

Release of Right-of-Way: Thomas B. Welsh

Deed Book: 112 pg. 526 Thomas B. Welch, & wife. to: Deed of Bargain and Sale. David H. Hetzell. This Deed, made this 6th day of August, 1915, by and between Thomas B. Welch and Maggie […]
March 12, 1915

Deed: James Flanagan to Thomas B. Welsh

Deed Book: 112 pg. 165 James Flanagan. to: Deed of Bargain And Sale. Thomas B. Welch, [?]. This Deed, made this 18th day of February, 1915, by and between James Flanagan, partially of the first part […]
May 16, 1911

Deed: Caton Heirs to Robert Miller

Deed book 106, page 67 J. W. Caton & others, To: Deed of Bargain & Sale. Robert G. Miller. THIS DEED made this 1st day of April, 1911, between J. W. Caton, widower, Ida L. Moler, […]
April 11, 1903

Flanagans to Cherry Run and Potomac Valley Railroad Company

Deed Book 93, page 117 330. John G. Flanagan and Bertha G., his wife To Deed of Bargain and sale The Cherry Run and potomac valley Railroad Company THIS DEED, made this 11th. day of April […]
January 5, 1819

Deed: William Flanagan & Thomas Cadawaler

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June 4, 1901

Release: Thomas B. Welsh

Nat’l B.& L. Assn. of Wash. Co. Md To: Deed of Release Thos. B. Welsh. Releasing Trust recorded in Deed Book No. 78, page 18. The National Building and Lime Association of Washington County, Md. a […]
May 13, 1901

Deed: Clara Welsh to Washington Building & Lime

Clara Welsh and husband. To: Deed of B.&.S. Washington Building Lime Company This Deed made this 13th. day of May in the year nineteen hundred and one (1901) between Clara Welsh and John M. Welsh, her […]
December 16, 1896

Deed: Licklider to Flanagan

Mary C. Licklider & husband. To: DEED OF B. & S. John G. Flanagan THIS DEED made this 16th day of December 1896, between Mary C. Licklder and John C. Licklider her husband, parties of the […]
July 12, 1901

Partial Release: John G. Flanagan to Adam B. Moler

John G. Flanagan Partial Release To Adam B. Moler Releasing Trust recorded Deed Book No. 82 page 220. This Partial Release: Witnesseth That I John G. Flanagan do hereby release a certain deed of trust made […]
January 31, 1901

Flanagan Quarry to Washington Building & Lime Company

Cora V. Moler and others To: Deed of B.&.S. Washington Building and Lime Company. This Deed this 31st. day of January 1901, between Cora V. Moler and Adam Moler her husband, Marth R. Link and William […]