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Indians Galore!

Swiss immigrant Louis Michel traveled along the west bank of the Potomac River searching for land for a Swiss colony. He reported that Indians covered the area.

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June 15 1872

Storm; Heavy Rain Damage

Bakerton and Unionville (Uvilla) experienced heavy rain damage, which affected many farmers.

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CircaFebruary 5 1892

Speculation about New Railroad Routes

A report that the railroad would soon be run from the Old Furnace up the river to the old Adams stone quarry, thence to the Virginia Ore Bank, and probably on to Shepherdstown, is current, and much discussed among the people in the Eastern half of Jefferson County.

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December 5 1895

Matrimonial Boom?

The Shepherdstown Register reports on speculation that a matrimonial boom will soon strike Keller and Bakerton areas.

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Proposed Map of C and O Canal

December 5 1895

Canal Industry Booming

It is reported that the demand for coal in Washington is high. Business on the canal is booming during this period of time.

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May 7 1896

Company D, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry Reunion

A reunion is held for veterans and their families at Moler Crossroads. Although the day was cold and cloudy, the newspaper reports that about four or five hundred people were present.

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December 25 1896

Oyster Supper

The Bakerton M. E. Church held a Christmas Oyster Supper.

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June 29 1899

Unknown Equine Epidemic

Bakerton had a small outbreak of an unidentified equine disease and lost many horses.

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August 24 1899

Limestone Boom

It is reported that the limestone business in the Eastern section of Jefferson County is once again booming.

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April 2 1900

Strike At Bakerton

The employees of the Bakerton Quarry went on strike; management quickly agreed to their demands and work quickly resumed after a short period.

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