July 22, 2023

Stouffer & Bowers, Antietam Creek Dynamite

Charles Stouffer and Charles Bowers couldn’t catch fish fast enough last summer in the usual way, so they killed them wholesale with dynamite n Antietam creek. They paid for their violation of the law on Monday, […]
June 22, 2018

Fannie Flanagan: SUNK!

Canal Boat Sunk. The canal boat Fannie Flanagan, of Harper’s Ferry, ran on a rock in Big Slack Water, on Saturday, knocking a hole in the bottom. The boat filled with water and sank. Navigation was […]
May 8, 2018

1880 Census: Alfred Myers Household

Sharpsburg District No. 1, Washington County, Maryland as enumerated by William N. Boyer House Number: 319   Name Sex Age Relationship Martial Status Profession Birthplace Father’s Place of Birth Mother’s Place of Birth Alphred Myers M 51 […]