Jefferson County, Virginia, 1814-1824, Personal Property Tax Lists



The information provided in these records included numeration of the following categories: numbers of white tithables 16 years old and upwards, slaves 12-16 years old, slaves 16 years old and upwards, horses, asses, mules, mares and colts, dogs, head of cattle, ordinary licenses, stud horses, carriages and coaches, stage wagons, 2 wheel carriages, and tax charged. Also included are names of free Negroes, grist and sawmills, printing presses, tan yards and ferries, physicians and attorneys. The 1815 list included watches, clocks and furniture. Categories recorded varied each year.

WHF Notes

These entries appear in the order they were presented in the original tax books, generally alphabetical by letter. Transcription was made on only the first several categories, those primarily detailing numbers of people and horses.


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