August 2, 2023

A Large Political Demonstration

A Great Demonstration. We don’t know how it used to be in old times, but it is certain that the younger generation has never seen a political demonstration in Shepherdstown equal to that of Tuesday night […]
December 10, 2020

Events from 1832 – 1837, The Cholera

Early in the spring of 1832 the news went abroad over the country that Asiatic cholera, then but little known in this country, had appeared in Montreal. A vague alarm was left, which was increased among […]
December 4, 2019

Knight Tournament

On Saturday last , it was our pleasure to be present at the Tournament at Reinhart’s School House, where a large number of persons had gathered to witness the equestrian exercises, and to take part in the […]
September 18, 2018

Billmyer & Rentch Receive Spring/Summer Goods

Messrs. BAKER & Billmyer, and D. S. RENTCH are now receiving a splendid and varied assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, which they are determined to dispose of at low prices. See advertisements in to-day’s Register.
May 9, 2018

Deed: Licklider to Flanagan

Mary C. Licklider & husband. To: DEED OF B. & S. John G. Flanagan THIS DEED made this 16th day of December 1896, between Mary C. Licklder and John C. Licklider her husband, parties of the […]